Delta Air Cargo Award


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Delta Air Cargo Award

There are four different awards, identical except for the paper indicating the city and date.  The four variations are:

  • , 3rd Quarter 1981
  • San Diego, 4th Quarter 1981
  • San Diego, 1st Quarter
  • San Diego, 2nd Quarter

Each aware is made of painted wooden approximately 1.75 – 2 inches thick, and is roughly a six inch square, not counting the extensions where the wheels are.  This listing is for a single award, not all four.  If you have a preference for which one, be sure to include that in your order or send it separately in a message BEFORE ordering.  Preferences sent after ordering may not be honored.  If no preference is stated, the oldest remaining award will be sent.  Awards were manufactured by Bruce Fox Incorporated in New Albany, Indiana.

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