Kansas City, Missouri Police Iron-On Patch 3.75 X 3.75 In. Obsolete New


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Kansas City, Missouri Police Iron-on Patch 3.75 x 3.75 in. OBSOLETE NEW

This patch has the following imagery (if any): state seal
This patch also has the following text (if any):

Issuing Agency: Kansas City Police Department
Location: Kansas City, Missouri

The Kansas City Police Department was founded in 1874. George Caleb Bingham was the first president of the Board of Police Commissioners. The first Chief was Thomas M. Speers. From its inception the department was under the control of the Commissioners, appointed by the Missouri governor. In 1932 the police department came under local control for the first time during the Pendergast era. After significant corruption the Board was reinstated and around half of employees fired. Following the St. Louis police return to home rule in 2013, Kansas City is the only major city in the country without local control of the police department.

The Kansas City preventive patrol experiment was a landmark experiment carried out between 1972 and 1973 by the Kansas City Police Department. It was evaluated by the Police Foundation. It was designed to test the assumption that the presence (or potential presence) of police officers in marked cars reduced the likelihood of a crime being committed. It was the first study to demonstrate that research into the effectiveness of different policing styles could be carried out responsibly and safely.

Kansas City Police Department details courtesy of Wikipedia.

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