Prime Ribs Subdued USAF US Air Force Iron-on Patch 2.75 x 2.75 in. NEW


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Prime Ribs Subdued USAF US Air Force Iron-on Patch 2.75 x 2.75 in. NEW

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Prime readiness in base service (Prime RIBS) teams provide supplies and services to the military and civilian personnel assigned to the Harvest Eagle and Harvest Falcon systems. Some of the basic support they provide includes food service, mortuary affairs, and laundry. Support requirements for the Prime RIBS teams are also tied closely to the type of environment in which they are deployed. For example, arid climates demand more water, cooling capabilities, and lightweight clothing.

Prime RIBS units are worldwide combat morale, welfare, recreation, and services (MWRS) forces organized and trained for wartime support. The Prime RIBS program organizes forces capable of deploying on a 22- to 28-hour notice to support global or major regional conflict operations on MOBs, COBs, FOLs, APODs, aerial ports of embarkation (APOEs), and BBs or to support essential MWRS missions at critical CONUS bases.

Each Prime RIBS element is capable of providing initial food service, billeting, recreation programs, and mortuary-operations support for a population of up to 1,200 people. It can also support an independent or dependent combat aviation squadron of 16 to 24 fighter aircraft or a significant aviation deployment less than squadron size in a major deterrent force posture. With additional augmentation, Prime RIBS units can support organizational field laundry operations, personnel fitness programs, and tactical field exchange resale operations.

Air Force Services is critical to aerospace power projection and exists to provide organic capability for commanders to support deployed forces with vital life-sustaining, morale and personnel productivity- enhancing activities. Food service. Lodging. Laundry. Mortuary affairs. Fitness. Recreation. Add the world “field” before any of the above functions, and this is talking warfighting in Services lingo. The Air Force brand name for Services deployment and employment capability is Prime Readiness in Base Services, or Prime RIBS.

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